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where there’s no time for reading 
and let us be transformed by words 
where spare time is used 
in cathartic and compensatory activities 
of leisure and not thinking 

on a time like this 
the popular songs carries on the power 
of changing values 

the songs bring words 

they bring words that will be easy memorized 
with the aid of rhythm, melody, rhymes, chorus 

they bring words that will be repeated with pleasure 
by oneself 
for everyone to listen it in his or her own voice 

they bring words that will be repeated 
in optimum conditions of low intellectual resistance: 

while you dance 
while you drink 
while with your baby 
while you feel in the night the brief freedom 
of intimate and individual power 

it’s an option to composers to occupy this available space 
insinuate ourselves in these already established habits
it’s fundamental to make good lyrics 
excellent lyrics
pleasurable and efficient lyrics 
dance lyrics 
it’s fundamental to catch this chance 
and take advantage of the commercial machine of music 

The CD